FFP2 Particulate Mask

There are many different types of dust masks, respirators and protecting covers to protect ourself from the airborne particles, poisonous dust fumes, and hazardous gases and infectious viruses entering through nose and mouth. Among the government approved and certified rating masks and respirators, FFP2 Particulate Mask made by Olayer China wholesale ffp2 particulate mask company is one of the most popular because of its excellent features and its properties to offer at least 94% protection. Base on PE-Regulation(EU 2016/425), EN149:2001+A1:2009 standard which provides different ratings and specifications for particulate masksdust maskssurgical masks and respirators commonly used in healthcare industries as well as for use in occupational safety in construction industry, mines, and hazardous chemical factories, among others.

Some of the masks and respirators that are approved by EU are also approved by FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) as surgical masks for the use in medical and healthcare field, which are generally referred to as FFP2 Surgical Mask. The rating FFP1, ffp2, and ffp3 indicate the percentage of filtration offered by the particular series besides indicating other features and properties such as oil resistance.  FFP2 Particulate Mask is perhaps one of the most commonly used dust masks, respirators, surgical masks and dust masks and in fact, the rating FFP2 is also associated with not just the particulate masks but also for the applications in other industries.

When it comes to FFP2 Particulate Mask, it should be understood that it is not to be used in the environments having with oil contaminants as these are not oil resistant but in some of the common applications, these are quite effective. Moreover, depending upon the use and the type of elements used in the construction of FFP2 Particulate Mask, many of them can be reused frequently and still they can provide effective protection to the wearers. The series beginning with FFP and N are oil resistance and hence if you want to use particulate masks and respirators in oil based and oil hazardous atmosphere, you should use masks and respirators such as FFP1,FFP2,FFP3, among others. As the end-user, what is most important for you is the filter efficiency, which means the percentage of airborne particles filtered by the particular series of mask and respirators.

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