en149 ffp2 mask

Recently you must have often heard about the term EN149 FFP2 mask and Respirators especially after the large scale outbreak of Covid-19 problem of the world. You might have also wondered what is EN149 FFP2 face mask. Well, it is a PPE-Regulation(EU 2016/425), EN149:2001+A1:2009 standard, for the particulate filters used in different types of Gas Masks and Respirators. The rating ffp2 means that EN149 ffp2 face Mask filters at least 94% of the air particulates. In fact there was a great spike in the sales of ffp2 face mask Respirators, which many people were using to protect themselves from contagious diseases such as Swine Flu, Covid-19. There have been many discussions, studies and researches as to how effective ffp2 dust Mask is against the infectious disease.

Ffp2 dust Mask or Respirators made by Olayer China wholesale en149 ffp2 face mask company are one of the many different types of air particulate filters that can filter 94% of poisonous and toxic substances contained in the air you breathe in. EN149 ffp2 face masks is an PPE-Regulation(EU 2016/425) approved product and it has been approved by EU, The present day ffp2 face Mask and surgical masks are generally made from paper or non-woven materials and they need to be discarded after its use. In the health care markets, you will find many types of respirators and gas masks but you should be vigilant while buying products such as FFP2 dust Mask. You should ensure that  those is EN149 FFP2 face Mask that conforms to the guidelines prescribed by different regulatory agencies such as CE certificate, en149 testing report etc.

During the wide scale spread of COVID-19, there is a tremendous pike in the consumption of ffp2 face masks and respirators but it does not make sense to buy those products blindly without gathering the right information about the efficacies of ffp2 face Mask. In fact, you should try to understand how ffp2 face Mask and Surgical Mask work and protects you against contagious diseases and against the common air particulates and COVID-19 virus.

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