EN 149 ce black ffp2 face masks to combat the Covid 19 pandemic have started an essential installment in the world. It is safely said that the black ffp2 mask has been playing an unprecedented role in health care with special needs and quality. These have been made possible for only the cause of medical research, improved quality, and reusability of this mask.

What is black FFP2 mask?

A black FFP2 mask is a dyed black and self-filtering mask that protects against Germs such as Viruses or Bacteria. It helps filter out the air inhaled from the exterior and keeps germs, allergens, and other brokers that come from the surroundings. Removes 94 percent of particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter or bigger designed to protect the wearer up into this mask’s security rating.

black ffp2 face mask

black ffp2 face mask

Why Black FFP 2 Mask is the most desirable?

A mask measures the key to saving lives in the prevention of infections and preventing other incurable respiratory diseases, including the ongoing pandemic Covid 19. More so, the acceptable uses of black FFP2 masks refer an invaluable impact in the workplace, in crowded environments, when walking in the marketplace, in physical contact, in crowded, closed, and close contact moments, as well as in ventilation, sneezing, and coughing, and more. Depending on nature, these masks can be used extensively to protect individuals’ health or prevent unwanted incurable infections.


  • It’s essential to be aware that the five black masks price 0.50 euro less than the white ones.
  • This product is manufactured with non-woven material, melt-blwon fabrical, and it plays a healthy and safe role in the human body yet without any damage to the face.
  • The black FFP2 masks ensure effective protection against dust, dirt, car wastes, and pollen.
  • This mask’s good aspects are the activated carbon, moisture-proof, breathable, and can absorb small particles in the air.
  • The most widely used black FFP2 mask helps ensure max protection in various sectors such as glass industries, constructions, pharmaceutical factories, and agricultural fields and including traffic jams at airports, bus terminals/railway stations, malls, parks, etc.

Proper use of the Black FFP2 mask can protect against other respiratory infections, including Covid 19. Masks are in such high demand in the recent world Coronavirus epidemic like this. The most important thing is the safety of you and your family. Finally, we expect that by using FFP2 Mask, you will ensure the best protection by practicing safe and secure social distance and adopting proper hygiene.