As stories of corona various strains and pandemics fill the news media many people are looking for ways to protect their personal health. Many people are turning toward Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to keep safe from viruses and other illness. PPE includes gear such as gloves, clothing and a FFP2 face mask (or N95 face mask) which can ward off infections and airborne germs. An individual may purchase their own PPE face mask or it may be provided by their employer.

PPE works by creating a barrier between the virus or infection and the skin, mouth, nose, or eyes. Most health care workers use protective gloves whenever they treat a patient or handle equipment. These keep their skin from coming into contact with any surface germs or viruses. Many also protect their face with PPE such as EN149 2001 ffp2 nr mask. These masks can prevent airborne germs and viruses from entering their respiratory systems. This can protect them from all kinds of colds, flu strains, and other infectious diseases.

As the fear of a COVID-19 and pandemics rise, many non-health care workers are also purchasing PPE. People who travel a lot are often very concerned of becoming ill as they travel between destinations. It is not uncommon to see air passengers wear a en149 ffp2 NR face mask and other protective gear to keep from getting sick. This is especially true for international travelers who come in contact with unfamiliar environments and germs.

Parents are another group who are obtaining PPE to avoid illnesses. Many have young dependent children and the parents need to stay healthy so that they can provide their daily care. They may wear PPE ffp2 face mask en149 CE whenever they feel they are in an environment that could be contagious. This might include a heavily populated area or a facility where sick people reside such as a hospital or other medical facility.

PPE has been in use in medical facilities for many years and it is also used in many other work environments. The type of equipment will depend on the work place and the materials in use. For example, an industry that has a lot of dust, small particles, and chemicals will need equipment that protects against these kinds of irritants. In these cases a PPE en149 2001 ffp2 NR face mask is needed that was designed for the specific occupational hazards of the workplace. It is important that the building manager or company health director make sure they are purchasing the right type of PPE for their business and that all employees use the equipment.

Most governments and medical professionals work every day to keep people healthy. Many people realize that they also must take personal action to stay healthy and vital. These actions can include eating well and getting plenty of exercise. They can also mean breaking bad habits such as smoking. In addition, many people are getting PPE to protect themselves and their family from infectious diseases and airborne germs. It is likely we will see more people wearing PPE such as gloves and the N95 mask as we hear mores stories about new flu strains and possible global pandemics.