With every breath we take, we inhale oxygen which nourishes all our vital organs and systems. We can also inhale pollutants, irritants and viruses that can cause great harm and illness. This is why many people use protective masks, such as the Ffp2 fold flat mask, to keep foreign objects and viruses from entering their respiratory systems.

The ffp2 refers to the fact that these masks were tested and found to keep out 94% of very small test particles. However, these masks come in different styles and it is important to pick the right Ffp2 fold flat mask for the particular situation. These masks are widely used in occupational industries and health care facilities and they are specially designed for each environment.

Health care professionals can work in large hospitals, medically assisted living facilities, or small doctor offices. Wherever they work they will come in contact with patients who may be carrying infections or viruses. These workers need a Ffp2 fold flat mask designed for these environments. They are generally called sffp2 face mask. They are approved by the notified CE company according to EN149:2001 +A1:2009 standard and  following the PPE-Regulation(EU 2016/425) . The Ffp2 fold flat masks for healthcare are tested to meet the same standards of performance as surgical ffp2 face masks.

Occupational workers have different environments and so need their own specially designed Ffp2 fold flat mask. Depending on the industry, these workers can be vulnerable to many kinds of particles and foreign objects. Factories can be very dusty and dirty and a worker may experience some breathing problems after eight hours without proper protection. Some manufacturing plants have chemical fumes or particles floating around that can be harmful. Recently several workers came down with a condition called “popcorn lung” after working in a plant that made microwave popcorn. This requires en149 ffp2 face masks.

In addition to factories and manufacturing plants, these ffp2 face masks are also used in construction and other industrial type jobs. It is important that the workers use the Ffp2 fold flat mask that is approved for these work environments. These masks will also be CE approved, however they will be tested for the industrial workplace and labeled “For Occupational Use”. They will have undergone tests to ensure their effectiveness in protecting workers exposed to small particles and dust.

A third kind of Ffp2 fold flat mask is for the general public. These are meant for those people who want to protect themselves from viruses and other airborne germs. The masks are labeled “Not for Occupational Use” and should not be substituted or used in industrial settings. These masks are also not designed for children and may not protect those with facial hair. They may also be problematic for people with respiratory diseases such as asthma as the mask may require more effort to breathe.
A Ffp2 fold flat mask offers protection in a variety of situations and occupations. It is important to purchase the correct mask for the situation in order to get the full protection and benefits.

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