Surgical Masks as the name itself implies, are the protective masks worn by the healthcare professionals while performing surgery and other medical procedures and also while treating the patients to protect themselves from catching the bacteria and viruses released from the nose and mouth of the patients and other persons who are associated with the treatments of the patients. However, these days, the surgical masks such as FFP2 Surgical Mask are also frequently worn by people outside of the healthcare facilities especially in the highly populated and crowded public places so as to help prevent spreading of flu, common cold and other infectious diseases. The popularity of FFP2 Surgical Mask and ffp2 face mask has shot tremendously during the past couple of years especially after the outbreaks of Corona virusAvian Bird Flu and H1N1 flu, commonly known as Swine Flu. Most of the modern surgical masks are made from paper and other non-woven materials and which are disposable so that they can be immediately discarded after its single use.

In additions the surgeons and dentists, FFP2 Surgical Mask have also become extremely popular among the common people outside the healthcare and medical arena because of its effective protection against spread of influenza, common cold, Swine flu and many other viral diseases. Although the commonly available face masks and disposable respirators are generally effective for many purposes but some of theses regular masks may not be quite effective against filtering minute particles and hence, the demand for masks such as FFP2 Surgical Mask and other masks with EN149:2001 +A1:2009 ratings have grown explosively during the last five years. Most of us know that flu and other types of viruses are here to stay and hence we want to ensure that we are protected from the diseases spread by potentially dangerous viruses at all the times. No wonder, we always look out for the most effective forms of face masksrespirator masks and gas masks such as FFP2 Surgical Mask and N99 surgical respirators, among others, which provide much higher levels of protection as specified by federal agencies. Despite being expensive than he regular masks, FFP2 Surgical Mask offer much better protection as well as comforts and functionality for the wearers and hence they are in great demand all over the world especially during the outbreaks of Swine Flu, and Avian Bird Flu, among others.

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