Each day there seems to be a new story about a potentially dangerous strain of flu such as Covid-19. This has prompted many people to purchase protective gear including an face mask ffp2 nr goods. However consumers should know that there are several versions of the mask and it is important to buy the right one.

First, consumers need to know that the ffp2 in the ffp2 mask NR stands for the amount of small particles, oil and dust that the mask filters out. In this case the mask filters out 94% of irritants. This was determined through testing by different scientific and health organizations. All of these face mask ffp2 nr have been tested according to the PPE-Regulation(EU 2016/425) and EN149:2001 +A1:2009 standard, and this was tested by the testing company which is approval but the notified CE company. the ffp2 face masks made by Olayer wholesale ffp2 mask company has been 100% meet the en149 standard.

These organizations test and approve the face mask ffp2 nr that is used for healthcare workers. Those en149 2001 ffp2 NR face masks are usually called ffp2 respirator masks. They also test and approve the mask used in industrial occupations, and those masks are labeled “For Occupational Use”. For those who are looking for a mask to protect them from airborne viruses and germs there is a mask made for the public.

Fit is also an important consideration when purchasing an en149 2001 face mask ffp2 NR goods. Since the purpose of these ffp2 masks nr goods is to create a barrier between the nose and mouth and the outside air, wearers will want a mask that fits securely on the face. While there is some debate on the usefulness of getting the mask fitted, many experts feel that it does make a difference in the level of protection against airborne viruses. Consumers may want to take this extra step if it is available when they are purchasing the masks.

Consumers with health problems that impact their breathing may want to consult with a physician before buying a en149 face mask NR product. Because the en149 ffp2 dust masks are made with a material that keeps out airborne particles and germs, the wearer may have to exert more effort while breathing. This could be difficult for those with respiratory issues so they should discuss mask use with their doctor first.

The en149 particulate mask ffp2 NR is meant for adults only. It is not sized or designed for small children. The mask also does not always protect well if the wearer has facial hair. Those who feel they need the protection will have to decide whether or not to shave off any beards or mustaches.

It is also important to note that the en149 face mask ffp2 NR goods is meant to be worn once and than disposed. Most are sold in boxes or packages with multiple units. A used mask may have wear and tear so reusing the mask may significantly lower the level of protection it gives.

The en149 2001 ffp2 NR face mask goods can offer good protection against airborne viruses and germs including those that cause colds and flues. Consumers should make sure they are buying the right mask for their situation and consider getting it fitted. They should also use the mask once as intended and discuss any health concerns with their doctor.