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The EN 149 standard defines functional requirements for three types of particle-filtering half masks: FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3. The protection given by an FFP2 face mask comprises the security provided by a mask of those lower-numbered classes.

FFP2 face mask manufacturer

FFP2 face mask manufacturer

A mask conforms to the standard needs to possess its course written on it, in addition to the title of this standard and its year of publication, and any applicable alternative codes, e.g., “EN149 2001 FFP2 NR D“.  Some producers use along with the color of the elastic ring to spot the mask category. The en149 ffp2 face mask standard doesn’t define such a color-coding, and different manufacturers have used various color schemes. Criteria and demands an extra paraffin-oil aerosol evaluation and it checks Such, EN149 2001 FFP2 NR masks have comparable functionality requirements to N95 masks at United Brazil. Similar criteria are utilized in America, China, and Japan. More so, EN 149 evaluation needs differ marginally from the U.S./Chinese/Japanese Fall levels. A variety of different flow rates also defines several associated and pragmatic pressure.


Mask that fulfills the EN149 2001 FF2 standard requirements are made to safeguard against solids, water-based aerosols, and oil-based aerosols. The question’s caliber was prepared after the Guideline 89/686/EEC of their Personal Defense Equipment printed in the European Union states, and mandatory updates are created over time. Another index is used beyond the dolomite evaluation in certain shortness of breath, making it more immune to sticking with it. Meanwhile, many disinfection methods have been researched, for example, ethylene oxide, formalin, ultraviolet rays, bleach, and hydrogen peroxide to recycle face masks.

A short Certification/class is shown as below:

Ser Certification/ Class (Standard) FFP2 (EN 149)  Rmarks
1. Filter performance 94%
2. Test agent NaCl & Oil
3. Flow rate 95 L/min
4. Total Inward leakage(TIL) 8% leakage
5. Inhalation resistance 500 PA
6. Exhalation resistance 300 PA
7. Exhalation valve Leakage requirement N/A
8. Force applied N/A
9. CO2 clearance requirement 1%


The air around us is rarely lucid. It can contain germs of various diseases, particles of little residue, blown dust, harmful gases, smoke, lead, etc. When they enter the body through internal respiration and germs can cause colds, flu, Covid-19 illnesses dust, dust, smoke – these can cause bronchitis and pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, frequent and hacking, along with incurable diseases. EN 149 2001 ffp2 face masks From our FFP2 face mask German stock can be used to protect you and your family from the remnants and smoke of these epidemic elements, the notable coastal surroundings, which can be used to dispose of them first.

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