Ensuring the safety, the use of XL duckbill ffp2 face mask or XL & FFP3 duckbill mask plays an invaluable role in daily life for all or the Europe. this XL duckbill ffp2 mask respirator is head-mounted (headband) FFP2 or FFP3 face mask, this is one of the best comfortable FFP masks for the Europe head size or extra large head size. A duck shape FFP2 mask is marked with an FFP code, which means ‘filtering facepiece.’ This code of any mask protects FFP2 from solid and liquid, combustible aerosols with a filter efficiency of at least 94%.

Work environments often hide risks that are not immediately recognized when doing anything. These unwanted hazards can cause permanent harm to you and your family’s health and even threaten any serious impairment. The  gives you the highest possible protection of your breathing passages against the harmful effects of dust, gas, fog, and incense present in the surrounding air. These masks ensure you constant protection from hard dust, fibers, microorganisms, secretions, and aerosols (suspended droplets and dust).


4 Layers Disposable Face Mask
Shape Duck bill Face Mask (XL duck bill ffp2 face mask)
Material PP nonwoven, melt blown filter, PP nonwoven
Layer 4 layers
Type head-mounted (headband)
Color White or customized
MOQ 100000pcs
Certificates CE, notified body 0370, EN 149:2001+A1:2009
Delivery 15-30 days, depends on the quantity
Usage Farm buildings, Mining , Weaving, Polishing, Pharmacy, Hardware, working with fiberglass, cement, etc

Advantages of duckbilled FFP2 mask respirators.

  1. With a XL duckbill ffp2 mask that 100% suitable the Europe head or extra large head size, comfortable wearing and easy to breath, extra large size 230mm wide (almost double size than KN95 face mask).
  2. Made from multi-layered non-allergic, non-stimulating ingredients.
  3. Adjust the bandage strip and therefore the built-in bandage foam cushion to accommodate different face sizes with comfortable ceilings.
  4. High efficient and powerful electrostatic filtering material effectively filters hard particle dust and prevents oil-liquid gas.
  5. Use for construction, excavation, textile, grinding, splitting projects, cement, agriculture and farming, dust cutting, contaminants from heavy metals.

Filtration system:       4-layer filtration system maintain always.

  1. Double Particle Protection 25G/m2 Thickened Melt-blown, 0.3um Protection
  2. One Soft Non-woven: Adsorption dust odor and harmful particles
  3. One ES Hot Air filter: Play the role of Thermal Insulation, Moisture, and Moister resistance, and improve the wearing comfort.
  4. Two Melt blown: Two layers of Melt blown Filter layer double reinforced to prevent missing dust.
  5. Three Skin-friendly surface layer: Particulate matter and gas filter

 Protective Particulate mask

Protective duckbill ffp2 Mask grade filter material≥94% oil & non-oil particles can effectively block particles, droplets, body fluids, etc. This can keep you and your families in healthy. You always make the best choice in the building supply store. Always follow the instructions in the manual for proper use.

Our mask has CE certificate from body number 0370, according to EN 149:2001+A1:2009, we have EN 149 testing report; we have whitelist in Chinese government, exporting to your country will not be a problem; we have already shipped to Europe,, and many more countries. Contact us for the latest wholesale prices and other style FFP2 face masks like KF94 fish model FFP2 mask, FFP2 folding mask. We will arrange production for you in advance.

Our FFP2 mask as below.