2020 will be marked in history as a turning point for the world economy and humanity as a whole. Medical supplies have been in high demand and while standard medical grade protection masks have been in high demand, the KN95 Face mask proved to be the most efficient. Finding a sustainable KN95 mask China manufacturer is not that difficult if you know where to search.

What is a KN95 Face mask?

KN95 face masks are a particulate-filtering facepiece respirator that meets U.S. standards. These masks are designed to be resistant to oil and have a filtering efficiency of 95%. They cannot protect the wearer against gases despite offering a tighter fit than the regular FFP2 masks. Even if they were originally designed for industrial use, KN95 masks proved to be efficient for medical use as well as they can protect the wearer against particles such as viruses.

What is the difference between KN95 and N95 face masks?

KN95 is the equivalent of N95 face masks in the US. The main difference comes from the fact that KN95 face masks have to pass a fitting test. Despite some minor characteristic differences, the masks are the same in terms of protection levels, airflow, and fitting. KN95 masks have a filter performance of 95% and an airflow rate of 85 L/min.

How to find suppliers in China for KN95 masks?

There are two main ways in which a supplier can be found for large wholesale orders. The first option is to fly out to China and look up some manufacturers in Shenzhen. In this day and age, it does not make so much sense to fly to China, especially since there are some flight bans and there are risks associated with traveling.

KN95 mask China

KN95 mask China

The better option is to find a KN95 mask China manufacturer over online marketplaces. It is difficult to think about any online marketplace other than made in China. The vast majority of KN95 face mask manufacturers list their products on Made in China instead of having their website just because they get more traffic and customers this way. Ordering large quantities usually come with discounts but each manufacturer has its pricing table. Since it has become a very competitive market, more and more manufacturers adjusted their pricing to drive more sales. Regardless, there is an increased demand due to current market conditions but there is still plenty of stock to go around. Larger orders can have some wait time before being shipped out since production capacity has been no way near the current demand.

Regardless of how the KN95 face mask market moves, most manufacturing facilities in China like working with big customers or have returning buyers. They are quite keen on getting new buyers and having a production schedule driven by orders. What matters the most is to check some samples from a manufacturer and look at their certifications. Also, if the order delivery time is too long, it might be worth splitting a big order into two smaller ones to have a shipment of KN95 masks delivered faster. Lastly, because the demand is so high for KN95 mask China manufacturers, it might not be such a good idea to wait for samples from 10 different suppliers. The moment you find a suitable supplier, you can save time by immediately starting to negotiate the quantity, delivery time, and pricing.