With the world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic now, people become more aware of their own health and the surroundings. Pre-emptive protection is taken to avoid the spread of the virus. Today, seeing people wearing masks in public areas is a common sight since it is one of the health protocols applied in all countries in the world. But do you know that there are many types of face masks, including FFP2 mask respirator, that are available in the market now? So, which one will be suitable the most with your needs?

KN95 VS FFP Protective Face Masks – Which One Is Better?

Among the types of medical face masks you can find out there, KN95 and FFP are one of the most popular. Regarding which one is the best, each of the face masks come with their own strengths and weaknesses.

  • KN95 Face Masks

The KN95 face mask is a Chinese standard and it is a non-oil protection mask. Just like N95 respirator China, KN95 is usually examined with sodium chloride particles. To meet the standard, KN95 mask should reach ≥ 95.0% filtering efficiency, 1% higher than FFP’s. Though it has a kind of high filtering efficiency rate, still it doesn’t meet European standards. This is because European countries demand manufacturers to produce face masks that pass both sodium chloride aerosol and paraffin oil aerosol. You need to keep in mind that a manufacturer that produces KN95 face masks should obtain a relevant GB2626 test report for clients. Most of the time, KN95 comes at an affordable price than FFP in the market.

FFP2 face mask

FFP2 face mask

  • FFP Face Masks

In terms of filtering efficiency, FFP (Filtering FacePiece) masks, particularly FFP2 type, reach ≥ 94.0% (while FFP1 is ≥ 80.0% and FFP3 ≥ 97.0%). However, with the lower filtering efficiency, it doesn’t mean that FFP2 is less effective than KN95. Unlike KN95, FFP face masks are following European standards. It means that the face mask is not only tested with sodium chloride aerosol and paraffin oil aerosol. In other words, FFP is effective to filter both non-oil substances and oil substances.

However, filtering efficiency and oil/ non-oil should not be the only parameter when choosing a face mask. Some other factors such as the quality of materials and the manufacturers where the face masks are produced should be several things you also take into account. You need to make sure that the companies are the qualified ones and strictly follow the production standards set by local and international authorities. They should provide you with relevant EN 149 2001 + A 2009 test reports as well as EU CE certifications.

FFP2 Face Mask

Due to the effectiveness of filter droplets and harmful particles from the air, the FFP2 face mask is now very popular in the market. To be classified as a qualified FFP2, a face mask should be able to filter dust and other particles with only total leakage at 8%. In other words, the effectiveness of this type of face mask can filter harmful particles in the air at least up to 92%. Studies reveal that FFP2 will work best to protect your respiratory system from ordinary levels of dust, liquid, fibers, fumes, gases, smokes, mists, microorganisms, solid aerosols, viruses, and other toxic particles. Not only that but this face mask can also be used for sanding and plastering. However, you need to keep in mind that it is important to consider the type and level of contaminants that you are usually exposed to before purchasing it. This is because different types of contaminants need different types of FFP ratings. A high-quality FFP2 mask China should make of the best materials. Most of the time, it is made of a spun-bond for the first surface layer. Meanwhile, the activated carbon cloth is used to make the second layer and the hot air cotton is applied for the third layer. As for the fourth layer, this FFP2 uses melt-blown nonwovens (filter material) while another spun-bond is used for the inner layer of the face mask. Some models of FFP2 are furnished with a valve, much for your comfort, since it can help you avoid dampness and heat while wearing the mask. This type of face mask will be suitable the most for those who are working in the synthetic chemical industry, automobile manufacturing industry, environmental sanitation, synthetic metal casting industry, and more.

FFP3 Face Mask

FFP3 face masks

FFP3 face masks

The FFP3 face mask is a respiratory protection mask with the highest level of protection. Most of the time, this type of FFP face mask is used to avoid the high level of mists or fine particles when you have to deal with hazardous powders. Due to the high degree of protection obtained, FFP3 will work best for those who are working in the pharmaceutical industry, research facilities, metal industry, material industry, clinics, and more. You will also need this FFP3 mask if your job has something to do with fibers or biological substances that often contain life-threatening particles. Covering your mouth and nose with this FFP3 mask China will make it possible for the organs to work in health and safety conditions at the maximum level. FFP3 is usually equipped with a valve to improve the level of assurance in certain workplaces. The valve will also allow you to breathe comfortably when you put it on your face. This face mask also comes with a high-performance shell. This is aimed to allow the face mask to give a high-level of comfort when using it. Also, the shell is specially designed to fit the shape of your face perfectly. FFP3 masks are comfortable to use and do not cause fatigue for the wearers for long-term use since they are lightweight. There are some types of FFP3 masks including reusable FFP3 that can be reused for about 50 times.

N95 Face Mask

Another popular face mask that is used to fight the coronavirus now is N95. This type of mask can help you to avoid the spread of contagious diseases. Most of the time, the N95 mask China is loose-fitted and can cover both your nose and mouth thoroughly. This face mask also comes with bands to allow you to keep it in place at the rear part of your head. Though N95 masks are mainly used by doctors and nurses, people outside the two professions are often seen wearing it too. N95 can be used to filter dust, toxic particles, mists, and viruses effectively.

How to Pick Up the Rightest Respiratory Mask Filters

You need to keep in mind that a respiratory protection mask is much needed to protect people who work in certain industries from inhaled gases that can put their health in danger. That is why some models of protective masks can work will with a respiratory filter, even more. To guarantee the effectiveness of the filter to give you the protection needed, a wide array of particle filters, gas filters, and combined filters are produced. Due to the importance of the filters, you have to make sure that the products you choose can meet the highest quality standards. When choosing the best respirator mask filters you need to make sure that the product can protect you from gases and various life-threatening particles. Not only that but the filters should also be easy to install on a respiratory protection mask. It is also important to ensure that the product is tough and durable.

Where to Buy High Qualified Masks?

While the world’s economy collapses now due to the global pandemic, it can’t be denied that mask manufacturers are businesses that keep thriving. It is mainly because the demand for face masks keeps increasing. Many home-businesses that focus on providing health masks are also emerging to fulfill the high demand. But, which one is the best? With a lot of manufacturers out there, the selection process might be a bit tougher. Among the leading manufacturers, Olayer Company is on the top list. With years of experience in the industry, the company will provide you with the best products to help you combat the coronavirus.

Why Choosing Olayer Company?

Being located in China, Dongguan Olayer Technology Co.ltd has been around in the industry since 2004. With the motto “ quality first, customer first, and sustainable management”, the company has a strong commitment to providing the best medical equipment for society. It is a Germany invested company to make sure that the face mask products produced are worth your payment. Not only face masks, but the company FFP2 and FFP3 mask respirator, but Olayer Company also provide other medical equipment such as disposable protection face masks and infrared thermometers for customers. All of the face masks produced by Olayer Company are following strict quality controls and the standards set by both China and international authorities. These include EN 149 standard for Europe and NIOSH certificate for the United States. This is to ensure that the company only ships high-quality face masks to protect society as well as supporting doctors, nurses, medical staff, and workers. The company could produce 0.5 million of FFP face masks at maximum and arrange the delivery process per day.