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You know the best quality FFP respirator mask can protect anyone from viruses. The EN149 FFP2 face mask or N95 face mask respirator will help you to prevent various kinds of infection through proper use. And wearing the best quality face masks, you can prevent yourself from any airborne infectious germs.

FFP3 dust mask

FFP3 dust mask

According to specialist doctors, face mask respirator can’t protect someone from getting sick. But it can prevent someone from many kinds of airborne infectious diseases.

PPE mask can be an ultimate part of an infection control strategy to reduce cross-contamination. And you will get sufficient breathing chamber to wear face masks.

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The Important of FFP2 Filter Mask

We have interviewed many specialist doctors before writing this article. And after 120-hour research on best quality PPE masks, we have made this guide for user’s needs.

What is N95 Standard Mask

N95 respiratory mask is one of the most effective human PPE masks that work against different types of viruses. And it is made of high-quality synthetic polymer fibers including melt blowing and forms the inner filtration layer. This dust mask respirator is designed with an inner filtration layer that filters out hazardous particles. So you can use it with massive confidence.

This N95 respirator mask can filter at least 95% of airborne particles. So it can be the best FFP2 Filter Mask Respirator for virus protection.

What is FFP2 Standard respirator Mask

It is the best virus protection PPE respirator mask for humans. It comes with an aerosol filtration percentage but not less than 94%. And it has a maximum 8% Internal leak rate. You can use an FFP2 face mask in various areas like construction, the glass industry, foundry, pharmaceutical industry, and agriculture.

This mask can successfully protect against different kinds of viruses such as coronavirus disease (COVID-19), avian influenza as well as it works against the bacteria of pneumonic plague and tuberculosis and many other harmful viruses.

What is the Difference Between N95 vs FFP2 Mask?

The most usually noticed about the respirator type is N95. This is an American standard commanded by NIOSH – some portion of the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

Europe generally utilizes two distinct norms. The “sifting face piece” score (FFP2 standard face mask) originates from EN 149:2001 standard. At that point, EN 143 standard spreads P1/P2/P3 appraisals. The two measures are kept up by CEN.

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