According to the statistics recorded by World Health Organization (WHO), 5 819 962 confirmed cases of coronavirus have been reported to date with 362 786 confirmed deaths, and 216 countries, areas, or territories affected with these cases. Since the outbreak of this virus, masks have become a necessity for people living all over the world. But not all masks can be used for its prevention because not all of them are useful for this purpose.

The question is that which mask respirator (N95.FFP1, FFP2 or FFP3) will be useful in this situation? Which mask we can use to protect ourselves from this deadly pandemic? Well, the answer is ‘FFP3 face mask’. We will learn about it in detail now.

FFP3 face mask

FFP3 face mask

What is the FFP2 respirator mask?

FFP2 respirator mask is used against the dust as well as aerosols. As compared to the low level of masks, this mask helps in better protection against solid and liquid materials. The concentration level of up to 12xOEL or 4x APF can be controlled if you are wearing this mask. Experts consider it perfect for sanding and plastering, so one must wear them while working in or near these places.  The filtering is at least 94% of the particles in the air

What is the ffp3 face mask?

FFP3 face mask, also known as FFP3, is an advanced version of mask that is helpful for protection against very small particles, aerosols, and materials. These can be in the form of mist, liquid droplets, gases, vapors, and even airborne infectious agents like viruses and bacteria. The ability of this mask for aerosol filtration is no less than 99 percent. Also, the changes in any kind of internal leakage are just about 2 percent.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), wearing an FFP3 face mask is the only option to protect yourself from coronavirus in the first place. Other precautions must also be taken, such as washing hands for 20 seconds, the use of sanitizer after every 15 or 20 minutes, and much more.

FFP3 dust mask

FFP3 dust mask

What is the difference between FFP2 and FFP3 masks?

The biggest difference between FFP2 mask and FFP3 mask is that the former has a filtration capacity of more than 99 percent while for the later it is less than 95 percent. This is why the FFP3 mask is considered a better option to protect against the particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter.

How the FFP2 dust mask and FFP3 dust mask will protect your health?

FFP stands for ‘Filteration Face Piece’. These are the kind of masks that are helpful in not only blocking the droplets or particles from entering your mouth and nose but are also helpful in filtering the air that you will inhale through them. This means that both are made to protect against particles that are not good for human health. We have learned that the FFP3 dust mask is better at doing this compared to the FFP2 dust mask. Therefore, we can use either of them.

Both of them protect our health if we use them in the right way. For this, it is recommended that the FFP2 face mask and FFP3 mask should cover the face with no gap open between the mouth and nose. Also, it should be used after washing hands with alcohol-based soup or after cleaning hands with sanitizer. Avoid touching it, and remove it from face when it gets damp with moisture. Moreover, removal of the mask must be done from behind, and immediately discard in the dustbin.

Where to buy wholesale price for the FFP2 and FFP3 masks?

Coronavirus is controlled mainly by doctors and nursing staff. They are our real heroes who are fighting this pandemic at the front lines. Other than these people, the manufacturers of medical equipment, from masks to surgical kits and medical clothing, are also working hard to supply enough amount of these to the hospitals. You can buy now these masks from any online or offline company that is an expert in making medical parts. These companies can supply you masks at the wholesale price. Currently, you will be able to find these manufacturers in China were the major manufacturers of these masks is going on. If you are living outside China, you can order online and for buying wholesale price masks, make sure you order bulk amount from them.


Well, FFP2 dust mask and FFP3 dust mask are very useful for the protection of human health, especially in the current situation where COVID-19 is spreading such high speed. It is very important to protect ourselves so that we can protect our loved ones too. We should learn to live with this virus and keep practicing precautions like wearing masks, washing hands after every 20 minutes for 20 seconds, cleaning hands with sanitizer, and staying at home for as long as we can. Very soon in the future, these masks and our positivity will help us get through this hard time.