What is the EN149 FFP2 Face Mask & where to get ffp2 mask wholesale ?

  •  Aerosol filtration percentage: Not less than 94%.
  • Internal leak rate: Maximum 8%.

EN149 means EN149:2001 +A1:2009, is EU standard PPE-Regulation(EU 2016/425), there are three level, FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, EN The EN149 FFP2 face Mask which full meaning is “filtering facepiece” P2 rating is a face mask that filters At least 94% of dust and other particles down to the size of the coronavirus (PFE≥94%).
Studies show that FFp2 mask respirators are classified as providing an FFP2 level of protection based on their filtering ability under lab conditions by its 94% filtering efficiency with a total inward leakage at 8%.

FFp2 NR Face Mask protect against ordinary levels of dust, also solid and liquid aerosols. It is very important that you consider the level and the type of contaminants that workers can be exposed to.

As soon as you have properly evaluated the airborne hazards in your usual workplace, then you will have to choose dust masks based on their FFP rating. The best face mask for your workplace is the one that meets the proper FFP rating and is convenient and comfortable for your workers.

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What is the FFP3 face mask?

  •  Aerosol filtration percentage: Not less than 99%.
  • Internal leak rate: Maximum 2%.

The EN149 FFP3 face mask is the best of FFP masks, it is similar to N100 mask. It protects against very fine particles such as asbestos, ceramic and other virus. It does not protect against gases and in particular nitrogen oxide. want to know more information about the FFP3 mask respirator, please go to our FFP3 face mask page.

FFP2 face mask

FFP2 face mask

What does a P2 filter protect against?

  • Protects against moderate levels of dust.
  • Protects against solid and liquid aerosols.
  • It can be used for plastering and sanding.
  • They have a higher level of protection than an FFP1 face mask
  • OEL: Protects against materials in concentrations 12x limit.
  • APF: Protects against materials in concentrations 10x limit.

How Could FFP2 NR Face Mask protecting your Health during COVID-19 pandemic

EN149 2001 FFP2/FFP3 face masks are one of the best mask respirators around to keep you secured from Coronas virus. This is mainly to perform with the multi-layer building; as they have four or five layers (a few of ffp2 has one more layer is cotton) between you and the outdoors which has two layers electric water melt-blown fabric (PFE ≥ 99%). In comparison, a standard surgical face masks has 3 layers and a single melt-blown fabric material.  Another reason is the style of the mask itself;

All in all, the duck bill-shape isn’t just a funky style statement– the foldable design or fish design tends to create a better seal around the nose and mouth when compared to a basic cloth or surgical face mask, which tend to become flat, rectangular shapes that bend laterally across the face. (I personally advise to use ffp2 fold flat mask or fish design ffp2 face mask which is quite comfortable and better filtering effect and feels more breathable than other masks.).

EN149 FFp2 NR face mask protect you against solid dust particles, fibers, microorganisms, mists, and aerosols (suspended droplets and dust).

What they do exactly is, they filter out the bad stuff from the air you breathe so you don’t inhale hazardously or poisons dust particulates.
Some workers often prefer not to wear a en149 FFP dust mask because it makes them feels uncomfortable, men may need to shave every day so the face mask fits correctly on the face, it may interfere with other PPE, such as their goggles or face screen, other people on the site do not wear them and they want to fit in, and many other factors, but to keep your health from decease, we think the ffp2 mask is your best option.

FFp2 face mask respirator can protect you from developing painful coughs, shortness of breath, chest tightness, wheezing, and difficulty in breathing (our ffp2 has the lowest breathing resistance) – as well as more serious terminal and long-term conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), lung cancer, and even mesothelioma,

How can I ensure my EN149 FFP2 face mask is not artificial?

An easy approach to confirm if your FFP2 face mask is to look for the CE logo on the mask packaging to confirm they are certified in Europe, check the Europe CE company’s body number and go to that CE company website to verify this. Of course you need to check their EN149:2001 +A1:2009 testing report and all other information, That being said, any mask is better than forgoing one in all, so even if you have to wear with a surgical face mask, keep in mind that it’s better than nothing.

How should my FFP2 face mask feel on?

Your ffp2 face mask should feel comfortable, easy to breath and fit over your nose and mouth, and when properly adjusted, there ought to be no spaces of air flowing near your nose or the sides of the face mask. (You can easily check for any pockets of air by cupping your hands around the sides of the face mask.) Once you’ve fitted the nose wire, you should have the ability to feel warm air come through the front of the ffp2 face mask and may be able to see the face mask material move in and out with each breath.

Do I need to double-mask with a FFP2?

Absolutely no! According to the CDC, more is not more within this situation, and it’s not advised to layer more than one KN95 (or comparative mask like the FFP2) each time.

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The en149 ffp2 face masks we make that have min 94% of paraffin oil filtering effective (PFE≥94%) according to EN 149 2001 +A1:2009 (contact us to get EN 149 testing report). The FFP2 mask respirator we produce has a folding shape so that you can carry it easily, we have three type of FFP2 NR face mask, folding ffp2 face mask, fish ffp2 face mask, fish kids ffp2 mask.

Face Mask respirator must be used when going to the market, office, or work. This will keep you and everyone around you safe.

The benefits of using an EN149 ffp2 face mask will not scatter water particles from your mouth or water particles from someone else’s mouth. You will be safe from all kinds of dust and polluted air.
We know that if someone is infected with the coronavirus, they can carry the coronavirus in their body over 14 days as long as they have no symptoms. So you must use an FFP grade mask before going to a public meeting.

This EN 149 ffp2 NR mask is also needed in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis. It is important to use an FFP protective mask to prevent the spread of any other virus, including coronavirus.

In the end of 2019, the city of Wuhan in China has been infected with the coronavirus. Within a very short time, the virus spread rapidly and the World Health Organization declared it pandemic.

At Jun 29th, 2020, more than 10 million people in more than 213 countries and territories around the world have been infected with the Coronavirus, and over 450,000 thousand of people have died by the Coronavirus.

The symptoms of the disease and the characteristics of the virus indicate that it is spread through sneezing, coughing and contact with an infected person. So the government instructed everyone to use face masks to protect our health.

FFP2 mask wholesale

FFP2 mask wholesale

The demand for face masks, gloves, and other PPE has increased due to this pandemic all over the world. There is some kind of masks that we need to use and hot-sell in the world. They are FFP1 face mask, FFP2 face mask or N95 face mask respirators, and FFP3 face mask.

An FFP (filtering facepiece) mask (also called a respiratory protection mask) is a type of protective mask certified by the European Union that works to protect against dust-like particles.
The EN 149 standard defines these three classes of filter efficiency for masks, FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3. This is an example of a mechanical filter respirator.
This type of mask, unlike surgical facial masks, protects the wearer from suffocation from infectious agents or contaminants in the form of aerosols, droplets, or small solid particles.

EN149 defines performance requirements for three classes of standard particle-filtering half masks: FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3. FFP2 face mask respirator provides low-numbered class masks with protection provided by masks.

A mask that conforms to the standard must have its class wrote on it, as well as the name of the value and year of publication, as well as any applicable alternative codes. So, we meet all of the above requirements.

en149 ffp2 NR mask made by Olayer ffp2 mask wholesale company that keeps in mind the exact quality. Our EN149 FFP2 NR mask respirators certified according to PPE-Regulation(EU 2016/425) EN149:2001+A1:2009; KN95 masks meet the standard GB2626-2006.

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We are committed to providing you with quality products.

We think we should all be aware of this coronavirus crisis. This awareness will increase when you use the mask. FFP2 face mask will play an effective role in coronavirus control.

To collect the best ffp2 NR masks from us to prevent this crisis. We fight against COVID-19 together.

Our EN149 FFP2 NR face mask description:

The surface layer is 25g Spun-bond,
The second layer is 25g FFP2 filter material (melt-blown fabric)
the third layer is 25g FFP2 filter material (total double FFP2 filter material melt-blown fabric)
The fourth layer is the 50g melt-blown nonwovens material.

The filter material of the mask is FFP2 stand with PFE ≥94% plus two layers melt-blown fabric, which can filter the dust invisible to the naked eye.
The efficiency of our EN149 ffp2 face mask to intercept and block paraffin oil/nonoil particles is more than 99% (that means all of our FFP2 face masks have FFP3 filtering effect – PFE≥99% and 100% guarantee.
Scope of application: rubber, crystal, fur, synthetic metal casting, battery, synthetic chemical industry, building materials, nuclear industry, mine, petroleum, shipbuilding, metallurgy, environmental sanitation, coal mine, paint industry, automobile manufacturing industry, etc.

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EN149 is a European standard of label testing and requirements for FFP Protective mask. This en149 ffp mask cover the nose, mouth and chin, some of en149 2001 ffp masks may have inhalation or exhalation valves. EN 149 specifies three classes of filtering half masks, referred to as FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3, (where FFP means filtering facepiece) according to their filtering efficiency. It also classifies masks into “single use only” (none re-usable, marked NR) or “re-usable (marked R), and an extra marking text D shows that a face mask respirator has passed an optional clogging test using dolomite dust. Such mechanical filtering mask respirators protect against the inhalation of particulates such as dust particles,  aerosols.

Almost similar examinations (but markings are different) are utilized in New Zealand, Australia, Brazil and Korea. Very Similar standards are used in the USA, Japan and China. For instance, EN 149 FFP2 face mask have similar filtering performance to N95 face masks in the USA and KN95 masks of China, and EN 149 FFP3 masks have similar filtering performance to N99 face masks in the USA. However EN149 test requirements differ somewhat from the U.S. and Chinese standards: EN149 requires an additional paraffin oil aerosol test and it tests at a range of different flow rates and defines several associated and permissible pressure drop levels. And normally N95 and KN95 is not able to possible this testing requirement, on the other hand FFP2 mask is better than N95 and KN95 mask.

Below is the detail of one of our EN149 FFP2 dust face mask respirators, according to PPE-Regulation(EU 2016/425), EN149:2001+A1:2009. There are a total of six languages for the user manual, please see our user manual in our mask carton box, custom packing is available.

Detail of EN49 FFP2 NR face masks

Product Name: Filtering Half Mask.         Model: OL002.

Product Specification: Folding size 15.6cm*10.5cm(±0.5cm), 30 pcs/box (custom packing is available).

Executive standard: EN149 2001 +A1:2009.

Classification: FFP2 NR.

Particulate Filtration Efficiency ≥95% (PFE≥95%).

Product structure: The EN149 FFP2 NR Filtering Half Mask consists of the mask body, nose piece, and ear straps, distance adjusting plastic clasp. mask body Material: 60% Non-woven fabric, 40% melt-blown fabric

How to use EN149 FFP2 NR face mask.

The en149 FFP2 face mask product should be stored in a well-ventilated, dark, and dry environment. Keep away from fire, pollutants, and possible pollution sources. Also, the transport storage‘s temperature: -20℃~38℃, relative humidity: <80%RH.
The Protective Mask is valid for 3 years with the above storage condition. If transporting this product using the original packaging provided.

Use Manual:

The FFP2 non-reusable filtering half mask (FFP2 NR face mask) is intended to be used for protection against liquids, microorganisms, and solid and oil-based particles such as coal dust, cement dust, acid fog, oil smoke and oil mist, asphalt fumes, coke oven emissions, etc.


Please observe the following measures:

a. Please check for a good fit prior to use.

b. Long facial hair that does not entirely fit under the mask will make it impossible to get a good seal of the ffp2 face mask to the face.

c. Please do not use the mask in case of poor air quality, such as severe air pollution or anoxic (low oxygen) atmosphere.

d. Do not use this ffp2 face mask in an explosive atmosphere.

e. After use, please discard the ffp2 dust mask following local regulation.

f. This ffp2 face mask respirator is only for single use; do not use repeatedly.

How to put the EN149 FFP2 Face Mask On

1. Hold the ffp2 face mask with the nose bridge pointed upward and pull out the straps with your hands.

2. Place the ffp2 face mask on your face so that it covers the nose, mouth, and chin.

3. Place each strap around each ear.

4. ffp2 face Mask strap clip included for more comfortable wearing – simply hook the straps to the clip and save your ears from irritation! Also fits smaller head sizes and children over 12 years of age, that means our EN149 CE FFP2 face masks can be used by school kids over 12 years

5. Adjust the nose bridge so that the ffp2 face mask fits tightly on your face.

user manual instruction

user manual instruction


FFP2 face mask

FFP2 face mask